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Update on RebelMouse

RebelMouse refers to their service as a social sharing front page. I first posted about it in October, 2012. At the time it was still in beta but fully functioning and available to join. I signed up and quickly and easily set up my page and connected my social streams.


Fast forward fourteen months and RebelMouse has matured considerably. There are new options for your page and new ways to share it.


I’ll start by mentioning the improvements to your page on the RebelMouse site.

+ more

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“The One With” Factor

Have you ever gone into a store looking for a product but you can’t remember the name of it or even the brand? You’ve purchased it before. You know where to look for it and can only remember it’s the one with a…


2013 marks the 15th consecutive year I’ve designed the packaging for Cantina di Negrar’s Novello del Veneto wine. It is released in November along side Beaujolais Nouveau. Each of the designs I’ve produced is distinctly different from the others (see here). There is no commonality of style or consistency of colour. Yet in a field of several competing products, fervent fans of this wine always know what to look for. It’s “The one with the lion.” + more

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Pink for Profit

October is breast cancer awareness month. Have you noticed? Of course you have. The world is awash in pink. Breast cancer is likely the most well-supported cause in the cause marketing domain. Pink ribbons adorn a plethora of products. In some cases, the product itself is turned pink. It’s given rise to the term “pinkwashing”, generally used to describe this practice. From appliances to toilet paper, marketers rush to convey support for the cause. But what is “support” and what is just blatant opportunism for profit? It’s a question more people should ask.


I’m not writing this to attack the cause. Before I go on, I should reveal my personal perspective on this subject. My mother is a breast cancer survivor. My sister was not as fortunate. She died at the age of 33. Clearly this disease runs in my family. I have sisters, nieces and a daughter to be concerned about for as long as it takes to find a cure for this awful disease. + more

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Layar – Augmented Reality

According to the company website “Layar is the world’s leading platform for augmented reality and interactive print. We enable publishers and advertisers to enrich their print material with engaging digital experiences…” Although Layar accesses content in much the same way as a QR code, the content goes well beyond what is typically delivered through QR. The viewer uses the Layar app on their smartphone or tablet to scan a printed page. Once connected, their screen comes alive with photos, videos, sounds or even live streams.


Layar came to my attention when the Toronto Star published an entire edition with embedded Layar augmented reality content. News stories engaged with videos. Columnists became broadcasters. Ads launched mini commercials. I scanned several pieces. The results blew me away. + more

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Public Image Design…ABC & D

The world of marketing is changing constantly and more rapidly than in any previous era. Almost every week there is some new way to communicate your brand message. It’s mind boggling at times but you need to keep pace. The boundaries and definitions of what we do as communicators need to change as well.


When I started Public Image Design, it was simple to describe the work as graphic design. It was understood that this included the design of brand identities, printed materials, packaging and advertising. Fast forward to the present and the work of a visual communications professional has changed drastically.


Redesigning the Public Image Design website was more than just an update, it was an opportunity to redefine what I do now and make it as easy to understand as possible. As easy as ABC…and D. Advertising. Branding. Communications. Design.



Design has always been a part of advertising. Great ideas require great presentation for maximum effectiveness. Whether traditional or digital, ads need to be well-designed. The specifications may be different but the demands are the same.



The creation and application of brand identity has been part of my company’s core offering from the beginning. It continues to be a prominent and active part of my project mix. It’s a serious endeavour. A thoughtfully developed brand identity can be one of your strongest assets.



Anything I do is part of communicating a message. How that message is delivered has changed substantially. I have worked with some brands and people for close to 20 years. They trust that I understand their needs. Regardless of the medium, we continue to work together to communicate their message. This includes participation on social media platforms and the use of various types of applications. I constantly evaluate and experiment with new technology to keep my clients connected with their customer communities.



Alphabetically, design may be last in this list but it is still fundamental in everything I do. It is a key component of advertising and branding. In communication, a picture is still worth 1,000 words. Design motivates. It attracts, engages, explains, connects and enhances brand experience. Excellence in design transcends the challenges of the future and will always be an essential part of it.


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Vine – You have 6 seconds to tell your story

vine_logoVine is a new smartphone app with the potential to do for video what Instagram has done for photos. The videos are limited to 6 seconds. Not surprising then that the company was acquired by Twitter. The pair are well-matched. Vine is perfect for Twitter’s 140 character universe. There are several elements of connectivity between the two. You can post your videos to Twitter and also find and follow people from your Twitter network who have signed up for Vine.

This is an application in its infancy. It’s raw, quirky, lacks finesse and control and yet has considerable potential for marketing. Chris Brogan shared 11 Things A Business Could Do With the New Vine App. Good for a start but I think advertisers will also come up with interesting ways to use this technology. I was thinking about that when I created this one of my own. + more

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Novello Design Process

Cantina di Negrar Novello del Veneto 2012 wine label package design


Novello is the Italian word for new. Vino Novello, as you might guess, translates to new wine. It is also the Italian equivalent of Beaujolais Nouveau, the famous wines of the recent harvest that are released with great fanfare on the third Thursday of November each year.


I design the packaging for Novello del Veneto from Italy’s Cantina di Negrar. In fact, I have created new packaging for this wine for each of the past 14 years. There are posts on the last three on this blog. You can see those using the links below. So if I’ve done this project so many times, what exactly is new? The process. + more

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Rebel Mouse: A Social Sharing Front Page

RebelMouse LogoRebelMouse is a service that aggregates everything you share on the web on a single page. Your blog, all the content you share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest can all be fed to this social sharing front page. There’s also a bookmarklet that you can add to your browser toolbar that enables you to “stick” content from web pages.


The first mention I saw of RebelMouse was from Gary Vaynerchuk. When I viewed his page, the first thing that struck me was the Pinterest style layout. All the content was encapsulated in neat columns of boxes. The next thing I noticed was that the bottom of each entry showed the source of the content—websites, YouTube, Pinterest. That’s when I realized the powerful potential for this tool and decided to try it myself. + more

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When Brands Grow Up

old and new Twitter bird logos

In many ways, brands are like people. They are born, have experiences, grow and mature. There are rites of passage. In the case of brands this is most evident when they reflect on how their brand is perceived and decide that in some way, they need to take a step forward. The most obvious way to achieve that is to refresh the brand identity. The Starbucks logo update is a good example.

Now it’s Twitter’s turn. Twitter emerged in 2006 as a micro-blogging tool that allowed people to freely connect and share updates. There are currently over 465 million members with a million new accounts being added daily. Revenue is projected to hit $260 million this year. Still, there are questions about its business value and future. + more

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Getting busy with Buddy Hive

Buddy Hive Logo

In the considerable number of years I’ve been producing brand identities, one aspect of the process has been fairly consistent. Time. It takes time to fully comprehend a brand in order to communicate its visual direction. It takes time to explore creative possibilities on the journey to find the solution. It takes time to present, discuss and finalize a design. It takes time to get it right.

But working with Mark Ellwood from once again I realized that time would be precious and limited. Productivity is his passion and procrastination is prohibited. In fact, procrastination is the target of Mark’s latest productivity endeavour; Buddy Hive. + more