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When Brands Grow Up

old and new Twitter bird logos

In many ways, brands are like people. They are born, have experiences, grow and mature. There are rites of passage. In the case of brands this is most evident when they reflect on how their brand is perceived and decide that in some way, they need to take a step forward. The most obvious way to achieve that is to refresh the brand identity. The Starbucks logo update is a good example.

Now it’s Twitter’s turn. Twitter emerged in 2006 as a micro-blogging tool that allowed people to freely connect and share updates. There are currently over 465 million members with a million new accounts being added daily. Revenue is projected to hit $260 million this year. Still, there are questions about its business value and future. + more

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Getting busy with Buddy Hive

Buddy Hive Logo

In the considerable number of years I’ve been producing brand identities, one aspect of the process has been fairly consistent. Time. It takes time to fully comprehend a brand in order to communicate its visual direction. It takes time to explore creative possibilities on the journey to find the solution. It takes time to present, discuss and finalize a design. It takes time to get it right.

But working with Mark Ellwood from once again I realized that time would be precious and limited. Productivity is his passion and procrastination is prohibited. In fact, procrastination is the target of Mark’s latest productivity endeavour; Buddy Hive. + more

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Social Media and the Square Route of a Logo

square route logoLike many designers, I’m currently working on an obligatory Facebook Timeline update for one of my clients. One of the elements of the new layout is a square box for a profile image in which most brands will place their logo. It doesn’t work very well for my client’s strongly horizontal identity. Of course the same issue is a problem on other social media platforms. Wherever you need an avatar, you’re stuck in a square. So the question I briefly considered is, should every logo be designed to fit in a square? + more

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Startup Branding – Right from the start

Right Channel Speakers logo design


Credible brand identity is a tremendous asset to startup companies. Look like the company you want to be from the beginning. It demonstrates serious commitment and marketing prowess.


Right Channel Speakers is a startup speakers bureau I’ve been working with recently to establish their brand identity. I already knew the principals of the company and they consulted me early in the process of developing their brand, including creating the brand name. They were very clear on the mandate for the company – deliver the right speaker with the right message for the audience. + more

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New Public Image Design Business Cards

Public Image Design business card


The cobbler’s children have new shoes and I have new business cards…finally. If you aren’t familiar with the cobbler fable, it’s about a shoemaker who is so busy making shoes for his customers that he neglects the needs of his own children. The reference is often used when someone with a specific skill seems to ignore their own needs – a painter whose own home needs painting for instance. In my case, the designer without current business cards. + more

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Starbucks Coffee Logo Change – Grande Bold!

starbucks cups

You’d think in the aftermath of The Gap logo revision debacle that most major brands would reconsider tinkering with their brand identities. Enter Starbucks. Yesterday they unveiled a new version of their logo. Unlike The Gap, this new design is more evolution than revolution. All they’ve really done is removed the brand name and rings from around the siren symbol and change her colour from black to their iconic green. I know the graphic has been nuanced but that’s the essence of the change.

But many people hate change or see no need for it. Social media channels exploded with commentary within minutes of the public release. I got the impression that many were hoping for Gap II + more

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The best design you’ll never see

lawfirm logo design

It’s always interesting to me to see the reaction to various pieces in my portfolio. Often that comes in a presentation one-on-one or to small groups. I also display my work on Flickr. Occasionally, I check to see what images are getting attention and recently got quite a surprise. The logo above was the most viewed image in my stream. I had to laugh. The reason? This was not the design selected by the client. + more

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Top New Year’s Resolution – Get Fit

Integrity Fitness Logo design

If it’s January, it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. For many of us, a time to reflect on the excesses of the holiday season and decide to take action. There’s no shortage of choices or information. Your mailbox is full of brochures and flyers from all manner of fitness facilities exploiting your desire to get fit. + more

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New Public Image Design logo

Public Image Design Logo Design

Many companies seize the opportunity to refresh their identity as the result of another transition. Moving the business to a new location is a good example. You have to reprint all your stationery and update many other items so it’s a perfect time to initiate a change to your image.

Updating the Public Image Design website gave me the chance to do the same thing.

+ more