Jul 5, 2016

Free to Grow

written by Daryl Woods
Free to Grow - build your brand without spending a dime

What’s your problem? I really want to know. That’s why I’ve created the Free to Grow project. My value is in creating solutions that help companies grow. For a limited time, take advantage of my expertise for free.

Here’s some examples of how I can help:

  • Review your existing branding, advertising, or marketing materials.
  • Critique product packaging
  • Compare your positioning with competitors.
  • Suggest improvements to your website UI (user interface) or UX (user experience)
  • Discuss new marketing opportunities

I’ve worked in entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, fashion, safety and beverages. Some clients are small local businesses. Others are international corporations. Benefit from my experience or challenge me with something new. It’s this simple.

  1. Tell me about your company.
  2. Tell me about your market.
  3. Tell me about your challenge.
  4. Ask me what I think.

It’ll cost you nothing. It will be worth your time. There is no obligation. There is no catch.

How does it work?

Explain the problem you’d like me to solve. We can communicate the way that’s best for you? Choose your preferred option.

  1. Send me a message. Describe your design challenge in the form below.
  2. Talk to me. Schedule a 15 minute call.
  3. Let’s meet. Make a 30 minute appointment anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

Let’s get started. Tell me which of the options above you prefer.

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Note: The free solutions are for consulting services only and do not include design.


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