Feb 23, 2010

Bar code design revolution

written by Daryl Woods
bar code designs


It’s usually the last thing considered when developing the design for a new package. Yet regardless of what the product is, this element must be included every time. I’m talking about the bar code – that rectangular, banal block of black stripes that imposes itself on every item for sale. It’s esthetic relationship with the rest of the package is irrelevant. The bar code flaunts its terms of requirement and claims its territory. Take heed of its cushion of quiet space. The designer has but one element of control in taming this shrew. Placement. At least its daunting presence can be exiled to the rear or side of the package.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if the bar code itself could become an inspired, cohesive element of the design? This became the mission for Design Barcode, a Japanese company that has revolutionized perceptions of what the bar code might become. The extraordinary examples above are but a few of the standard-breaking designs they have created. But do they actually work? According to their website, their patent pending technology has been thoroughly tested for accuracy. Designs have been successfully introduced in Japan and the company is currently making forays into the U.S. market.

This is a premium product available under a variety of terms. You can choose from their library of established generic designs for shared or exclusive use. Custom designs can be created. Annual licensing fees are extra. The question of value is up to the client. But for designers, the option to integrate the bar code in the package design is welcome and encouraging.

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