Nov 15, 2012

Novello Design Process

written by Daryl Woods
Novello del Veneto 2012 wine


Novello is the Italian word for new. Vino Novello, as you might guess, translates to new wine. It is also the Italian equivalent of Beaujolais Nouveau, the famous wines of the recent harvest that are released with great fanfare on the third Thursday of November each year

I design the packaging for Novello del Veneto from Italy’s Cantina di Negrar. In fact, I have created new packaging for this wine for each of the past 14 years. There are posts on the last three on this blog. You can see those using the links below. So if I’ve done this project so many times, what exactly is new? The process.

If you read this blog consistently, you may know I’m obsessed with social media platforms. They aren’t toys. They are tools. Powerful tools that I continuously evaluate and integrate for effective communication of my client’s messages. I also use social media tools in my own business.

One of my favourite social platforms is Pinterest (see this post). Pinterest allows you to collect images from around the web and their site and “pin” them to themed boards that you create and manage. I used Pinterest as both a research and promotion tool on the Novello del Veneto assignment this year.

The research phase of a design project often includes a search for inspiration. Most designers have libraries of design books and magazines filled with remarkable work we seek to equal or better. Specific subject requirements are searched on the web. I reviewed 15,000 images of lions as part of my research this year. Not kidding. 15,000. But for searching and collecting for another aspect of the project I used Pinterest.

As mentioned in previous Novello posts, I design this project as a poster first and adapt it to be a wine label. A poster was part of the promotion for the first ten years of the assignment. Posters are also the inspiration for this year’s design. You know those vintage posters you often see hanging in restaurants? That kind of poster. First I created this Italian Posters board. Then I initiated a search on the site and began pinning. In a very short time I had close to 50 examples. These were studied extensively for element positioning, colour usage and typography. If you review the board you can probably see which pieces influenced many of the design decisions in the solution.

Pinterest is also now part of the promotion of my work for Novello del Veneto. I get requests for the label images for a variety of purposes and created this board to archive the collection in one place. There is also a Facebook group where I share design insights and news like this video.



Like other social platforms, it’s easy to dismiss Pinterest as a waste of time. For me it has become one of the most valuable business resources I have. In addition to the ways I used it for this assignment it is also a place where I follow talented designers from around the world who share the very best work in our profession. Collecting and drawing inspiration from this work makes me a better designer and my solutions for my clients even stronger.

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I’m currently working on a developing a Pinterest presence for one of my clients. When I finished writing this post I jumped over to Twitter and found the following post: Pinterest Introduces Business Accounts and Tools


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