Oct 30, 2009

Okay…it’s a blog!

written by Daryl Woods

Blog – derived from web log, an online journal. It’s not a pleasant sounding word. Until recently, I thought blogs emanated from two types of people – those who have a plethora of profoundly important and interesting things to say and those who have nothing remotely important to say whatsoever. Definitely not something I thought I’d ever care to do.

What changed my mind? First of all, technology. The traditional web site is static. Once the content is posted it becomes almost as permanent as a printed document. Many sites are considered complete and rarely updated. Given how difficult it can be to make changes, it’s no wonder. The blog on the other hand offers a simple means to continuously add new information. Secondly, the blog provides the opportunity for interaction. It’s a sharing of insight. A discussion.

I will be providing information about my ongoing projects. As work is completed, posted and categorized it will serve as a means to create a new portfolio of my freshest work complete with my comments and hopefully yours. In the meantime, my legacy projects can be seen using the Portfolio links in the sidebar.

This is also going to be more than an opportunity for me to pat myself on the back. There will be general design and communications related information, news, tips, insights and anything else I think you might be interested in. Requests? Sure. I look forward to hearing from you.

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