Jul 23, 2013

Public Image Design…ABC & D

Daryl Woods
written by Daryl Woods
Advertising Branding Communication Design

The world of marketing is changing constantly and more rapidly than in any previous era. Almost every week there is some new way to communicate your brand message. It’s mind boggling at times but you need to keep pace. The boundaries and definitions of what we do as communicators need to change as well.

When I started Public Image Design, it was simple to describe the work as graphic design. It was understood that this included the design of brand identities, printed materials, packaging and advertising. Fast forward to the present and the work of a visual communications professional has changed drastically.

Redesigning the Public Image Design website was more than just an update, it was an opportunity to redefine what I do now and make it as easy to understand as possible. As easy as ABC…and D.  Advertising. Branding. Communications. Design.


Design has always been a part of advertising. Great ideas require great presentation for maximum effectiveness. Whether traditional or digital, ads need to be well-designed. The specifications may be different but the demands are the same.


The creation and application of brand identity has been part of my company’s core offering from the beginning. It continues to be a prominent and active part of my project mix. It’s a serious endeavour. A thoughtfully developed brand identity can be one of your strongest assets.


Anything I do is part of communicating a message. How that message is delivered has changed substantially. I have worked with some brands and people for close to 20 years. They trust that I understand their needs. Regardless of the medium, we continue to work together to communicate their message. This includes participation on social media platforms and the use of various types of applications. I constantly evaluate and experiment with new technology to keep my clients connected with their customer communities.


Alphabetically, design may be last in this list but it is still fundamental in everything I do. It is a key component of advertising and branding. In communication, a picture is still worth 1,000 words. Design motivates. It attracts, engages, explains, connects and enhances brand experience. Excellence in design transcends the challenges of the future and will always be an essential part of it.


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