Mar 13, 2014

Update on RebelMouse

written by Daryl Woods
Daryl Woods Rebel Mouse Header

RebelMouse refers to their service as a social sharing front page. I first posted about it in October, 2012. At the time it was still in beta but fully functioning and available to join. I signed up and quickly and easily set up my page and connected my social streams.

Fast forward fourteen months and RebelMouse has matured considerably. There are new options for your page and new ways to share it.

I’ll start by mentioning the improvements to your page on the RebelMouse site.

You can personalize the header as I did with the image above. Far too few people take advantage of this. Below the header space there are tabs that you can direct your shared content to. RebelMouse creates these automatically for you based on the themes of your content but you control which ones are visible and you can add new ones manually. New layout templates are constantly being introduced but you can also create your own and even integrate Typekit fonts.

What’s new under the hood? Analytics for one. You can now see what kind of engagement your page is getting. There are both overall page stats and breakdowns of the stats for each individual shared item.

There are also new sharing features. Twitter Shout Outs alert the source of any content you retweet or favourite from that platform. More valuable to most will be the Rebel Alerts email newsletter RebelMouse automatically creates from your daily content and sends to you. You can share this via email, Facebook or Twitter.

One of the things I’m most excited about is the ability to embed your RebelMouse page on your website or blog. I’ve just done this. See the integrated Social Stream page here (see update below). It was pretty easy to copy and add the embed code they provide from your page. If you need help, they’re great at responding.

For brands, RebelMouse has an enterprise level product. There is a plethora of advanced features that are best explained here. Check it out to see what brands like Sprite and Burger King have done.

In case you’re wondering, I have no affiliation with RebelMouse. I do think it’s a great way to share your social content. If you’re on it already or decide to join, let me know in the comments.


Update: RebelMouse has discontinued their free social sharing offering as of Sept. 1, 2016



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