May 20, 2010

Advertising messages that work – Part 2: You’re The Best

written by Daryl Woods
Negrar Ripasso Wine Ad

This series explores advertising messages that employ specific strategies for success. Part 1 of advertising messages that work focused on special offers. This installment is about making the ultimate claim about your product – that it is the best. All things being equal, consumers want the best products. Best is a powerful marketing statement.

Every marketer believes their product is the best and will tell just that to anyone willing to listen. The problem is credibility. Best is often a matter of opinion and why should anyone believe an advertiser. In fact, it’s a claim you can’t legally make without some kind of verification.

Fortunately, there are many ways your product can attain best status. Among the most significant are rankings by organizations like Consumers Reports and J.D. Power and Associates. Statistics are powerful in that they are absolute. Top Selling is a verifiable claim. Polls also serve to establish top choices. Many other titles are more subjective in origin but still effectively create the allure of the best.

In the world of wine and spirits, the chances to compete for titles is endless. It seems at times that there are as many opportunities for awards as there are products on the market. Some are prestigious international competitions. Others are rankings by journalists or publications as illustrated above by the ad for Cantina di Negrar Ripasso. It may not be the most distinguished award but it was an opportunity to seize that title of best and use it to my client’s advantage.

The best advertising makes a single, compelling statement. When you proclaim your product as best, it’s all you need to say. Keep it simple. If you’re investing in advertising–print, broadcast or online– make your message count.

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