Jul 29, 2010

Get more done with a social website

written by Daryl Woods
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Ever notice article headlines can have multiple meanings. That’s the case here. My client, Pace Productivity, has the website url getmoredone.com. I’ve recently revamped that site to make it more social. I’ll talk about that. The headline is also intended to suggest that enhancing your website with social features can make it work more effectively for you. I’ll talk about that too.

I’ve known Mark Ellwood, President of Pace Productivity, for over 20 years. He’s never followed anyone else’s path. Consumed by the idea that people would make better use of their time if they knew how they spent it, he invented the TimeCorder tracking system. Mark now conducts time studies – providing the TimeCorder device to companies for time use data collection by their employees. The results are evaluated and recommendations made to increase productivity.

When Mark and I first discussed what he wanted his website to be in the late 90s, it was unusual. First, he didn’t want the url to be just the company name. It would be a mission statement. The site was to eschew modern glitz in favour of unpretentious character. Perhaps most unusual was the strategy. Mark would develop his reputation as a leading productivity expert by sharing related content on his website. He would post results of his research along side time¬†tips, trivia, quotes and stories. And he would share it for free. No subscription required. Does this sound familiar? Isn’t this what everyone is telling you to do now in the Web 2.0 world.

Late last year, I spoke with Mark about what to do with his website next. I had already evaluated the advantages of the the blog format. In fact, I was in the middle of converting my site. Mark had a wealth of content on his website, most of it buried, static and without the option of interactivity. It also required my involvement to change so much as a comma. A carefully considered, more socially responsive site appeared to be a natural evolution. This is the new getmoredone.com. The look maintains the original character but the platform allows Mark to connect with his readers and control the content himself.

Interaction and control are two benefits of adding or converting to a blog style website. Searchability is another. Search engines look for activity. The nature of the blog platform encourages the author to be more active because it’s easy. Comments and links to content also attract search. Mark is very happy with the natural search results of his primary keywords.

Is a blog site for everyone? Certainly not. But many static sites could benefit from adding a blog to their existing presence.

What’s right for you?

  • Mark Ellwood Mar 29, 2011 Reply

    The plan that Daryl recommended and executed achieved its major goal spectacularly. With the updated web site, natural search engine listings have gone way up, easily achieving top five positions internationally for our best search term. Often in the important North American market, it is number one or two. This has had the effect of attracting high quality traffic as well as inquiries for our services. Smart graphics, great search engine optimization and measuraable results. What else could one want? Thanks Daryl for your insights and for the great work.

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