Dec 16, 2015

Holiday Advertising

written by Daryl Woods
Amaretto Billboard

Advertising reaches peak saturation during the holiday season. Every brand pushing every product imaginable, assaulting the consumer psyche at every turn. Indoor, outdoor, in all media and in every digital crevice. How do you make your message stand out?

Solve a Problem

Holiday shopping can be a stressful exercise for consumers. While gifts for close family members and friends may be easy to find, there are always the difficult people on everyone’s list that bewilder the buyer. These also tend to be left to the last minute. And let’s face it. The solution often comes in a bottle. But which to choose?
In the Amaretto ad above, this almond-based liqueur acknowledges the “tough nut” on the consumer’s list and presents itself as the solution. Nut cracked.

Connect Emotionally

Speaking of nuts, the nutcracker is a cherished image of holiday pageantry. It also makes for the perfect holiday brand representative for the almond liqueur. In an adscape of bland snowflakes and frivolous ribbons, the striking image of the nutcracker stands out.

Red Knot Shiraz Holiday Wine AdThis ad for Red Knot wine connects in a different way. Yes, the tagline is set against a familiar holiday image, the white (fake) fur cuffed red velvet stocking but the message appeals to the self indulgence that tempts many when shopping for others. Ever picked up a little something for yourself? Guilty here. But, “It was on sale!”

Conquer the Clutter

Outdoor advertising offers some great opportunities to separate your message from the media onslaught. The Nutcracker billboard is positioned beside an expressway. While there are several along the route, they are well-spaced. During rush hour, when rushing is impossible and traffic crawls out of the city, you have a nearly captive audience. With nothing to look at, the billboards offer a break in the visual monotony.

New advertising opportunities continue to grow. From grocery carts to washroom stalls, eyeballs follow advertising. The Red Knot ad wasn’t placed in a magazine or on a website. It appeared on the side and back of a truck. The truck, with digital video panels mounted on the box travels through the city, moving around and occasionally stuck in traffic. Mobile outdoor in targeted locations.

Every brand needs to compete for holiday attention. The winners are those who can differentiate there message and connect with consumers. Be thoughtful. The holiday season offers a plethora of imagery and stories to help you solve your customer’s problem, connect with them emotionally and stand out in the crowd.

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