Oct 5, 2011

Social Media ROI

written by Daryl Woods
social media roi book

I’m not an expert on Social Media ROI (return on investment). I’ve experienced it both for myself and for my clients but I couldn’t write about it extensively. If you really want to understand Social Media ROI, read the book by that name from Olivier Blanchard (The Brand Builder). This was a book I anxiously anticipated. I believed this would be a book to constantly reference. One I would want with me at all times. I could do that if I could download it to my iPad. That’s one of the reasons I bought the device – to store resource books. Unfortunately, the book never appeared in Apple’s iBookstore in Canada.

I contacted Olivier Blanchard (@thebrandbuilder) on Twitter to see if he could help.

Here’s the string of tweets.

Olivier responded very quickly with a suggestion.

I opened the Kindle app as Olivier suggested. There was “If you are a non-US customer…” fine print at the bottom of the screen. It would not allow me to create an account.

Another suggestion. Contact the publisher on Twitter.

The publisher responds with a link to their site where I can buy the eBook version directly.

At this point I had to do a little research myself. I wasn’t familiar with the ePub format and didn’t know if it was compatible with the iPad. My search found a page on apple.com that not only confirmed compatibility but described the process to load the file on the iPad. All you need to do is drag the file into iTunes, connect the iPad to your computer and synch content. Make sure you have books checked in your synching preferences. After following this procedure, I launched the iBooks app and found the book at the top of my bookshelf. I opened it and was thrilled to discover a fully-functioning version with all the iBooks bells and whistles.

Apparently, ePub is the native file format for iBooks. That’s good to know. There are other books I want that aren’t on the iBookstore. Now I know I have options.

As I said at the beginning, I’m not qualified to write a dissertation on Social Media ROI. But I think the scenario above demonstrates, in a small way, the value of social media interaction. I was able to contact the author. He cared enough to reply and involve the publisher in a solution. Bottom line. Another sale. This all took place in less than an hour. It would have taken me longer to go out to a store and buy a hard copy.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s a lot of effort for one sale. One sale? Really? I have more than a copy of the book. I have a story that goes with it. How many people will I tell? The experience inspired me to write this post. How many people will read it? You just did. How many more people are now aware of Olivier Blanchard, of his book, will check out his awesome blog and follow him on Twitter?

Blanchard believes very strongly in social media with clear objectives. His own objective here was to simply enable the sale of one book. It took two tweets. The ROI will likely be greater than a single sale.


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