Aug 12, 2011

Message Received

Daryl Woods
written by Daryl Woods
Santa Margherita Wine AIDS Walk Ad


Advertising is not the most reputable business to be in. In terms of respect for professions, ad people are pretty close to the bottom – just above lawyers. It’s little wonder. Much of what we do is attempt to persuade people to buy things they neither need or even want. We can be pretty good at it too. But occasionally we get the opportunity to do something worthwhile. Something that in some small way will make a difference in someone’s life.

For the past five years I’ve had that kind of opportunity, producing an advertising campaign for Santa Margherita that supports the Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life in Canada. The objective of the campaign is to create awareness for the events and highlight the brand’s donation campaign. It’s an integrated effort that includes magazine and online ads, POS displays and social media. Online media is great for tracking response both socially and statistically but how do you know if your traditional advertising is working? How do you know if your message is being received? For the most part, you don’t. But sometimes, you really get through and someone lets know. We received this message from a reader of one of the magazines we placed the above ad in.

“Today, simply because of your ad I saw in this months Chatelaine (page 33), I purchased two bottles of your Pinot Grigio. My reason for doing this was because of your support of the Scotiabank Aids Walk for Life, included in your ad. I wanted you to know because of this ad I will also support you…good on you! Thank you for bringing your wine to my attention and I look forward to a nice chilled glass this evening. All the best and keep up the good work of supporting people who need it.”

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